Product Overview

Primary backing

Mattex Carpet Backing Systems manufactures a wide range of primary backings, using first grade raw materials and the latest production techniques. This allows us to offer a first class product with consistent quality.


  • Minimizes bow and skew.
  • Coloured weft yarn insertion with one meter intervals as index tool to control parallel machine input.
  • Specially developed for carpets with geometric patterns, repetitive and complex designs.
  • Enhances straight rolling and unrolling.
  • Facilitates straight sewing from roll to roll.

Double fibrillated backing

  • Combination of specially designed warp and weft tapes.
  • Optimizes definition for the printed carpet industry (Chromojet).

Polyester Primary backing

Secondary backing

Secondary carpet backing of which the most unique characteristic is the use of air-textured continuous filament yarn. This yarn optimizes the adhesive distribution, contributing to efficient carpet finishing. 


  • Soft, closed woven secondary carpet backing
  • Adds to the dimensional stability
  • No latex strikethrough
  • Increases comfort and gives carpet a more sophisticated look
  • Enhances carpet hygiene
  • Provides floor protection

Open-end Secondary backing

Mattex develops primary backings for artificial grass, leisure landscaping and sport. We distinguish single and double layer products. Single layer is more appropriate for leisure and landscaping, double layer is recommended for sport applications

Mattex Dual Back advantages:

  • All rolls have heat-cut selvedges resulting in a very constant width and minimum line dancing
  • Improved stitch stability and strength
  • Optimized tuft lock/bind reducing latex or polyurethane consumption compared to fleece backings
  • Minimized needle deflection and easier penetration creating a superior tufted product
  • Higher roll length with same diameter when compared with competition
  • Multi-purpose applications i.e. Football, Rugby, Golf, Tennis & Recreational
  • Can be used for FIFA* and FIFA** applications!

The Products


  • Recreational applications
  • Not for use in sport or landscape applications


  • Most economical primary backing for low-budget grass systems
  • Used as support fabric for other substrates
  • Not advised to use as individual layer in sport systems


  • Used as support fabric for other substrates
  • Economical primary backing for low-budget grass systems


  • For use in hockey and tennis construction. Sand filled or sand dressed.
  • Used as support fabric for other substrates
  • Economical primary backing for low-budget grass systems

DualBack D215

  • Dual Backing for Landscape and medium low intensity sport applications
  • Good tuft bind of monofilament yarns
  • Low risk of back stitch with monofilament yarn
  • Excellent tufting due to low tufting resistance
  • Good properties when used for sport or landscape systems that are produced with separate fiber systems (pile- and thatch yarn)
  • Stability complies norm NF EN 13746
  • Landscaping applications with monofilament yarns

DualBack D246

  • Dual Backing for high intensity sport applications such as 5-a-side pitches
  • Optimal tuft lock and tuft bind
  • Low risk of back stitch with mono filament yarns
  • Good performance in non infill systems when 2 yarn systems are used for example a pile and a different thatch-yarn
  • Excellent tufting due to low tufting resistance
  • High strength, stability complies norm NF EN 13746
  • High-end landscaping applications with monofilament and thatch yarns

Mattex’s modern, state-of-the-art weaving equipment in Dubai offers a tremendous advantage to geotextile customers due to the high speed of our yarn and fabric production and our consistent high quality, with roll after roll uniformity. Also, Mattex recruited geosynthetic experts, with up to 25 years of geotextile experience, to direct the development, manufacturing and marketing of our geotextiles. 

Mattex entered the geosynthetic market with woven geotextiles, meeting the AASHTO specification M 288 Class 1 and Class 3 wovens. These woven geotextiles are used for separation and stabilization of pavements and unpaved roads, erosion control, reinforcement of earthen structures, and for separation and support in other civil engineering applications. 

Our research and development resources allows us to rapidly expand into the production of a wide variety of other woven geotextiles for other markets, for applications such as filtration, high strength reinforcement, and shoreline protection.

Mattex’s vision is to rapidly grow the geotextile business and to expand into the manufacture and distribution of other geosynthetic products. Mattex Geosynthetics invested in 2011 in a high performance fibre and non-woven production facility in Al Jubail – KSA. A further expansion is already foreseen and Mattex Geosynthetics will become a significant member of the worldwide geosynthetic community. 

We are currently seeking dedicated geotextile distributors around the world, interested in growing their business with ours. 

For more information, kindly contact Mr. Philippe Grimmelprez Director Sales, Marketing & Business Development or visit our Mattex Geosynthetics website: